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Thank you for being here. By landing on this page, you are cordially invited to explore and try the new Printto Magicbeat AI voicebanks. We appreciate your interest in our AI vocal synthesis project, and we're excited to have you as part of this journey. Your presence here signifies your curiosity and openness to experience the possibilities of AI-generated voices. We sincerely thank you for your participation and look forward to your engagement with these innovative voicebanks.

Thai AI DiffSinger model released!

We are thrilled to announce the release of his brand-new Thai DiffSinger voicebank.
We've come so far to the first ever Thai AI voicebank!

Printto Magicbeat AI

Tracing Mode


Diff-SVC is an open-source AI voice conversion software developed by a team of CUHK university students for research purposes. It allows for the creation of new voice models based on user input data.

Trace and emulate the vocal and singing styles of other individuals with remarkable accuracy using this cutting-edge model.

Create cover songs or replicate specific vocal characteristics with the flexibility and precision offered by this model.

The model is based on 1 hour of Thai and English singing datasets and trained for 210,000 steps.

Song: DAOKO × Kenshi Yonezu "Fireworks"
UST: Weiszer*


To make it easier to manage the policy, the download link will be sent to your email provided below.

Printto Magicbeat AI

Synth Mode



Best quality of Printto Magicbeat AI Synth Mode.
Easy to use with OpenUTAU DiffSinger.

Compatible with OpenUTAU DiffSinger.



Best quality of Printto Magicbeat Thai language.
Thai characters fully compatible.

Compatible with OpenUTAU DiffSinger.

Important Note

Please ensure that you read the README.txt file provided with the downloaded voicebanks before using them. It contains important instructions and guidelines that must be followed.