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Legacy in the Vocal-Synth

Welcome to the vocal-synth page of PRINTmov. Although PRINTmov's main focus has shifted towards game development and software solutions, we have a legacy in the vocal-synth community. This page serves as a repository of resources for vocal-synth enthusiasts, providing access to our past works such as UTAU and DeepVocal voice libraries, plugins, reclists, and project files. We hope this page will continue to benefit the vocal-synth community and contribute to its growth.

Printto Magicbeat

Printto Magicbeat is a vocal-library for DeepVocal, originally an UTAU, developed to be used in Thai songs. He has a Thai DeepVocal voice library that is fully compatible with Thai characters. His Japanese voice library is recorded as multi-pitch voicebank with Falsetto (DeepVocal).

Printto Magicbeat is originally UTAU since 2014. He is known for his ability to sing in many languages. He can sing up to 7+ languages in UTAU. His first DeepVocal voice library is recorded in Thai. Later, his Japanese DeepVocal library got released.

LTS Voicebanks

DeepVocal2 Japanese
DeepVocal2 Thai
UTAU Japanese Multi VCV
UTAU Thai CVVC 2016
UTAU English VCCV 2nd

Other Voicebanks

UTAU Chinese CV
UTAU Indonesian VCCV
UTAU Indonesian CVVC
UTAU Aegyo (Korean CV)

Tanya Magicbeat

Tanya Magicbeat is a vocal library for DeepVocal developed to be used in Japanese songs. She has a Sweet classic-style female voice.

There is not much information about her personality because she was focused more on the vocal-library than her personality.

Please keep in mind that NSFW is NOT allowed for this character and voices.

2Player Project

2Player Music Project consist of 2 friends who wants to try new things in making music.

The members are
- Printto Voicer: Voiced Printto UTAU voicebank.
- Blue' Neko: Art specialist and voiced Kaiz UTAU voicebank.

2Player UTAU Project is an UTAU duo project designed to sing as a duo. Both of the voicebanks are recorded in CV mono-pitch. It is recommended that the users use their voices together as they were designed to compliment each others.

Voice Libraries

All of our vocal-synth voice libraries will be available in the same Google Drive folder link provided on this page. We understand the importance of accessibility and organization, which is why we have made it easy for visitors to explore and download our vocal-synth resources in one convenient location.

Looking for Something Else?

If you cannot find a particular resource you are looking for, it may have been made private or is no longer supported.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and encourage you to explore our available resources.

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