Indonesian VCCV reclist and first beta voicebank released.
    The demo voicebank is Printto Magicbeat Indonesian VCCV.
    You can find both beta voicebank and reclist here.

    Documentations included in the reclist archive.

    Change log:
    1. Changed from Bootstrap 3.X to 4.1
    2. Reduced duplicated codes.
    3. Updated homepage.
    4. New UST page. Now arranged as different categories.
    5. New navigation bar. Now fixed at the top of the screen and full width.

    Printto Magicbat Spanish VCCV released.
    You can listen to the sample and download at Printto Magicbeat Page

    UTAU Sports Day 2018 now opened for registration.
    Now opened as global event, meaning that everyone can join!

    Join us!

What is PRINTmov UTAU?

PRINTmov UTAUloids are the UTAUloids that are made by PRINTmov or Pappim Pipatkasrira (a.k.a. Print).

Most of them are voiced by Print, some of them are cross-over with other UTAU voicers.

PRINTmov UTAU is also known as UTAU from Thailand as PRINTmov provide everything about Thai VCCV reclist.

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